About Us

Sandy and Nicole have been dreaming of having a cafe together for years, until one day in spring of 2019, their dreams came true. Having been travel buddies for many trips, Sandy and Nicole have been to Japan, Thailand, China, and Vietnam together (with many more planned for the future!). Each have their own travel bugs though, with Sandy additionally having been to the Bahamas, Spain, Canada, and almost all of the fifty United States, including Hawaii, and with Nicole having spent a year studying in Japan and has also having been to Germany and Paris.

Together with their love of food and culture, they wanted to share the with family and friends back home and thus, Around the World Cafe was born! With the task of perfecting Thai ice cream rolls, Taiwanese boba tea, and French macarons, the journey has been long, but their hard work paid off! Please enjoy one (or more!) of our world desserts and feel free to share your own travel stories with us! Bon Appétit!